The Overall Impacts Of The Programme

a) Improvement of child and women health and nutrition status

Regular growth monitoring of the child and mother is continuing. Then the community and family are aware on child development which is contributing to improve the child and health nutrition.

b) Empowerment of the women

Women are involving actively in the group from the begging of the programme and these days they are federated on the cooperatives federation in VDC level. They are running the ICDP programme and other financial programme parallel. They are involving in the social leader like schools, water user and forest user committees and they have been improvement the leading power and the programme has empowered the women.

c) Create child friendly environment.

Parents giving high priority for the child care and nutrition because most of the parents measure the child growth regularly once a month up to U3 age group. The practice to feed to the child, SARBOTTAM PITHO is adopting which locally made at household level. It proofs that the rate of growth monitoring and right weight of children numbers shows. If someone has underweight, being referred to rehabilitation centre for the further treatment.

General Achievements

  •  The regular growth monitoring rate of under-3 year’s children is increased; parents are sensitized on child health and nutrition. If any child has malnourished, they went to rehabilitation centre.
  • Most Household of 6 VDCs is covered from ICDP program.
  • VDC allocate the budget for the DACAW Program.