• Women and Child Development Programme

From the beginning of the organization MDO is focusing its activities for women and  child development programme. For this MDO is working with partnership programme with UNICEF and other support organization

  • Health, Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Programme

Safe drinking water role is very important for healthy life. So, MDO is working with priority for supplying the safe drinking water schemes since it’s’ establishment. Similarly health improvement projects are also running in the project area for improving the health condition of the rural people.

  •  Natural Resources Conservation and Biodiversity Management Programme

The Bio-diversity and natural resource management focuses on the conservation and proper management of Panchase forest and its adjoining VDCs. It also undertakes initiative for the institutional development of local community based organization through different program activities.

  •  Integrated Community Development Program

MDO has been running in the rural area different types of need based community development program like-trail improvement, Pond rehabilitation, Income generating activities. In the integrated approach, co-ordination of local bodies and local people participation.

  • Community Based Disaster Risk Management Program.

 MDO has been implementing the community based disaster  risk management program too with high priority.

  • Local Governance and Community Development        Program (LGCDP)

MDO has been running local governance and community development program in the Rivan, Pumdibhumdi, Kaskikot, Sallayan and Lumle VDCs with close co-ordination of local bodies and local people participation. Ward Citizen Forum (WCF) formation and REFLECT classes has started in  five VDC’s. Specially this program is focusing for social mobilization.

 MDO is always sincere about the project and organizational sustainability   also. For this, MDO always aware to the community people and taking   strategy working with CBOs and local partner NGOs with active   participation of local people from planning to implementation and also in  monitoring and evaluation. Similarly MDO is continuously affording to fund   raising by generating several income sources.