TO enable communities to identify problems and formulate and implement activities to solve their problems and better management of their resource base.
TO help communities to mobilize human resources and financial capital from local and external sources to support local development initiatives.
To enhance the capacity of the organizations at the community and district levels to promote sustainable community development programs.
To reduce poverty and improve quality of living through integrated conservation and community development programs.
To build capacity of communities to ensure the progressive realization of rights of children through strengthening of community action process, responsive service delivery and decentralized governance.
To establish a self-reliant and an equitable society.
Focus on promotion of special and economic actions for empowerment of target groups ( the women, youths, children, socially deprived, disabled and backward groups )
Access to resources through effective implementation and good governance.
Promote effective coordination and networking with supporting organizations and line agencies.
Access to women on resources and decision making through gender friendly programs.
Conserve environment for better livelihoods through sustainable aco-tourism in the Panchase area.
To manage the Panchase Ecosystem such that the geographic integrity and ecological processes of the highland forests and hydrological systems are maintained, while concommittantly ensuring that the necessary natural resources, or their alternatives, required by neighboring communities are provided, and equitably distributed, thereby enabling a broad diversity of local people to sustain their livelihoods and improve their quality of life.