a)   General Assembly:

19th general assembly of Machhapuchhre Development Organization held on 7th Kartik 2066 in the chairmanship of Chairperson Dil Bahadur Bhattarai. The program inaugurated by the chief guest of Local Development Officer of Kaski focused that the program should be implemented with the focusing rural community with the people’s participation for the sustainable development of the Program and Panchase is also the tourist destination. So, MDO should prioritize for the promotion of Panchase and adjoining community for the tourism development. The assembly also appreciates the Social worker, Journalist and laborious staff of the Organization. In the general assembly, presented the Program progress report and financial report of fiscal year 2065/2066 from Senior Program Officer and Treasurer and proposed program and budget of 2066/2067 and passed from the forum. Guests from different governmental and non governmental organization wished for the success of assembly. Social worker who devoted for the development of Panchase, Journalist who play vital role for the dissemination of news and Employee of Organization were appreciated in the program.

b)     Board Meeting:

DO has one executive board selected by general assembly among the general members. According to its constitution and based on organization’s need it regularly conduct board meeting. This year 4 times organized the meeting.

c) Welfare Support Programme

Rom the starting MDO is supporting to them as welfare approach that are really poor and fall down in problems. At that moment organization help them a sum of money. Similarly help them who are going to work creative activities in the community. This year also MDO provide support to 11 people, youth club, Mother group and CBOs.

d) MDO’s Involvement on Several Networks

MDO is actively involving in several national and district level networks like national and district level gender allies, District level NGO federations, NGO forum of climate change, district coordination committee of DACAW etc.

e)Preparation of Action Plan of Orchid and Bio-diversity Conservation of Panchase

Panchase area is situated at the nexus of three districts (Kaski, Parbat and Syangja) in the western development region of Nepal. The area often reflected as panchase region that consists of panchase hill and its 15 adjoining VDCs of three districts. The region has a great biological, cultural, and religious diversity and natural beauty as well. Panchase have sub-tropical to temperate environment, 12 different forest typ es (Dominant trees: Sal, Chilaune, and Katush. Rachan, Kharsu, Gurans, Phalat). There are more than 589 flowering plant species, 107 species of medicinal plants ( 45 locally used ); 8 fiber yielding species, 23 species of natural dye yielding plants; 18 wild species potential for filoriculture (except Orchids ); 56 species of wild Mushroom ( 6 edibles ); 98 different species of ferns ( 15 edibles ); 2 endemic species of Panchase ( Panisea Panchasenensis and Eria Pokharensis).( Subedi A.). Such diversity and beauty has made the region a potential place for the promotion of ecotourism. With the support of District Forest Office-Kaski prepared the 5 year Action plan of conservation of Bio-diversity and Orchids of Panchase. By the field visit, focus group discussion and consultation workshop prepared the action Plan. Action plan mainly focused for the awareness of community people and conservation activities of Panchase Bio-diversity including orchids.

f) Fund Raising Programme

MDO has the several sectors human recourses expertise on specially training sectors. This year also MDO provides several training to several groups which are helping for raising fund for the sustainability of the organization.

g)Appreciation and Award

Machhapuchchhre Development Organization-MDO working in the rural integrated community development program in the community. Organization supported for the establishment empowerment of the community based organization and cooperative. This year MDO also awarded and appreciated from the local level agencies, CBOs and VDCs.

h) Construction of head office of organization

Machhapuchhre Development organization is established in the rural area of Bhadaure Tamagi and started for the implementation of development activities. In the period of conflict, unknown persons were damaged the head office of organization and now it is going to reconstruct the office building.

i) Visit by Line Agencies:

Regional Director of Western Regional Forest Directorate of Pokhara, Local Development officer of Kaski, District forest officer of Kaski and other related stakeholders were visited the activities accomplished by the organization in Panchase area. They were satisfied with the activities and ready for continue support.

j) Monitoring and field visit :

MDO implemented the Panchase Bio-diversity management

i) Human Resource Development Programme.

MDO is giving high priority for the human resource development programme. It has organized so many training to the community people and similarly provides training to own staff too. Executive members and Staffs also participated in the different training and Workshop program.