Lesson Learned

MDO is always sincere about the project and organizational sustainability also. For this, MDO always aware to the community people and taking strategy working with CBOs and local partner NGOs with active participation of local people from planning to implementation and also in Monitoring and Evaluation. Similarly MDO is continuously effortting to fund rising by generating several income sources.

  • The link between poverty, population growth and environment degradation is obvious and mutually reinforcing. Poverty alleviation, which is a priority in less developed countries, needs to be addressed more seriously. Investing in people for the improvement of their quality of life in a moral imperative, which will also have a direct bearing on checking environment degradation in the long run.
  • Mobilization of existing natural resources in proper manner can improve earnings for livelihood.
  • Forest degradation is the challenging which directly affects the climate change. To control the pressure on forest, MDO implement the smokeless stove in the working area which helps to improve the environment and safe the community people by smoke burn disease. Like this, replacing the kerosene lamp by Solar Tuki also useful for the rural area.
  • NGOs attachments to the local institutions, VDCs, DDCs and other line agencies increase the level of natural understanding; interaction and cooperation also help develop a strong sense of partnership among them. Because of its presence at the grassroots level, MDO has become an integral part of various meetings, which provide opportunities to disseminate information among all the participants and partner organizations. It has helped create attraction towards the bottom-up development approach in the form of increased demand of program expansion in new VDCs.
  • During the last decades, whole development policies, plans and approaches have been based on the top-down model, which have generated more problems rather overcoming them.
  • Social mobilization plays the vital role for child and women development through COs. We have to develop the child friendly communities and COs should strengthen.
  • Group Organization builds the confidence and skills of marginalized people to approach local line agencies and other resource organizations to access their rights.
  • Group discussion helps marginalized women to make appropriate and viable decisions as entrepreneurs and decision makers.
  • Capacity building in establishing contacts and negotiation prepares women for identifying, accessing and having control over resources.
  • GMP should run with close coordination of health post regular immunization campaign for the sustainability.
  • Programme integration with local community based organization is very important for the continuation of activities.
  • Sanitation program running through schools is very effective and it can carry great changes in the school and community also. Adequate safe drinking water facilities play the vital role for the well sanitation.
  • Involvement of each and every household of the settlement in the development program has had a good impact on the communities. In the CBOs, which properly keep and timely share the information on various activities conducted in their respective VDCs, community members of different political ideologies and social or economic status are more willing to assemble and work together.