Rural Water Supply And Sanitation Fund Development Board

MDO has been working for the safe drinking water supply sector also from the beginning of the organization’s establishment. Drinking water is a very important component in Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS). Although the rural water supply and sanitation situation is poor. So water Supply and sanitation Program have to adopt participatory development process in all stages from planning, implementation, operation, maintenance and monitoring/evaluation. Emphasis has also been accorded on community mobilization throughout development and implementation phases. Furthermore, community people are also emphasized to increase role of women, indigenous people and dalit in decision-making and also overall management of the program.

From the support of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSFDB), MDO is implementing two drinking water schemes under batch VII as following respected VDC’s.

Impact of the RWSSFDB Programme:

a) Empowerment of users Committee and supply of safe drinking water:

Rural drinking water supply and sanitation users committee’s empowered the capacity is strengthening and rural people have access from safe drinking water. In the long run the water caused diseases are reduced. The women’s time has saved and they use that time in the community and social involvement and also for income generating activities which helps to improve in the economic condition of the community. They use the save time for the child care too. The nutrition status of the family is also improving.

b) Change the sanitation situation of the community:

Under the drinking water supply and sanitation scheme, scheme was completed in two phase-Development phase and Implementation Phase. In the development phase, sanitation activities will be carried out like as, Construction of Toilets, sanitation classes, keep the community clean, women’s group formation and start saving and credit. In the implementation phase- Construction works of scheme being done like as- Intake, Reservoir tank, Pipeline digging and fill up, construction of tap stands. So, the scheme prioritize not only construction activities also keep the community clean and use safe dinking water.