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Networking And Partnerships

One of the MDO’s key interests has been to network and develop professional partnerships in the field of community development and organizational capacity building. Consequently, MDO has worked consistently over the years to develop professional partnerships and network with local professionals, as well as key non-governmental organizations,(both national and international), local government agencies, line agencies, national and international organizations in planning, implementation and monitoring has made the development projects more effective in terms of cost sharing and increase ownership of the programmes. The followings have been and/or continue to be important partners in MDO’s community development endeavours.

International Partners

  • The Development Fund (DF), Norway
  • Future in Our Hands (FIOH), Sri Lanka
  • Community Based Native Seeds Research Center (CONSERVE), The Philippines
  • UNICEF – Nepal
  • Green Movement for Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
  • Community Biodiversity Development & Conservation Program, The Philippines
  • Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE), Japan
  • Redd Barna, Norway
  • Asian Women Foundation (AWF), Japan
  • World Wild Life Fund (WWF) – Nepal
  • Trickle up, USA
  • Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSFDB), Nepal
  • Canada Nepal Gender in Organization (CNGO)
  • Global Environmental Facility/Small Grants Programme (UNDP)
  • Embassy of Japan
  • JICA
  • Livelihoods and Forestry Programme/DFID
  • Peace Corps (USA)
  • Universities: Nepal, Japan, Norway, USA

National partners

  • Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme (TRPAP)
  • Sustainable Tourism Network (STN)
  • Nepal Tourist Board (KTM)
  • NGO Fund Project/GTZ
  • SBA-Nepal
  • Panchase Area Development Organization (PADO)
  • Panchadam
  • Lumle ARC
  • Local Government in Kaski, Syangja & Parbat Districts: LDO, DFO, DAO, DSCO, etc.
  • Community & Private Forests Division, Department of Forests, Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation
  • Institute of Forestry, Pokhara
  • Namsaling Community Development Committee (NCDC), Ilam
  • Committee for the Promotion of Public Awareness & Development Studies, Lamjung
  • Women Development Organization (WDO), Pokhara
  • South Asia Partnership (SAP), Nepal
  • District Child Development Forum, Kaski
  • District Development Forum, Kaski
  • NGO Federation, Kaski
  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in MDO programme area