Agreement Between MDO & CNGO/SBA-N

Two years agreement between MDO and the Canada Nepal Gender in Organization’s Sama Bikash Abhiyan Nepal (CNGO/SBA-N) has been signed to conduct various training programs on gender and development. There is a mutual understanding between the two organizations that MDO to be a gender resource organization by the end of program so that MDO would… Continue reading Agreement Between MDO & CNGO/SBA-N

Decentralization Action For Child And Women (DACAW)

MDO has been working with the partnership Programme under Decentralization Action for Child and Women (DACAW) with UNICEF, Nepal Since 1996. Social mobilization has been seen as important tool towards community empowerment and poverty reduction. In the beginning, MDO has already started the social mobilization work in Bhadaure Tamagi and Dhikurpokhari. There were so many… Continue reading Decentralization Action For Child And Women (DACAW)

Integrated Child And Women Development(ICWDP)

The Child and women situation of health, nutrition, and education is poor in the rural area. So, MDO has been focusing to them and has been running the Integrated Child and Women Development Program (ICCDP). In the last 8 years period (2002-2010) there has been becoming gradually change in the overall survival, growth and development… Continue reading Integrated Child And Women Development(ICWDP)

Panchase Bio-diversity Management Project

Machhapuchchhre Development Organization (MDO) has been implemented Panchase Bio-diversity Management Project under the support of UNDP/Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Programme (UNDP/GEF-SGP). The main goal of this PBMP is to manage bio-diversity of Panchase forest ecosystem as an integrated community-based approach thereby diversifying and strengthening local livelihoods in sustainable manner. Capacity Building and linkage… Continue reading Panchase Bio-diversity Management Project

Rural Water Supply And Sanitation Fund Development Board

MDO has been working for the safe drinking water supply sector also from the beginning of the organization’s establishment. Drinking water is a very important component in Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS). Although the rural water supply and sanitation situation is poor. So water Supply and sanitation Program have to adopt participatory development process in all… Continue reading Rural Water Supply And Sanitation Fund Development Board

Lesson Learned

MDO is always sincere about the project and organizational sustainability also. For this, MDO always aware to the community people and taking strategy working with CBOs and local partner NGOs with active participation of local people from planning to implementation and also in Monitoring and Evaluation. Similarly MDO is continuously effortting to fund rising by… Continue reading Lesson Learned

Empowerment And Involvement In Program

Rural areas disadvantage, marginalizes, dalit, ethnicity people’s participation is increasing.  The Ward Citizen Formed finalizes the development issues in the ward and settlement level. Committee’s people’s are empowering, the capacity is strengthening. So, rural people have the initiation and access for VDC’s program and budget. The community member’s social involvement is increasing and raising right… Continue reading Empowerment And Involvement In Program